Misys-IBS and SWIFT to deliver Treasury STP following integration of Accord’ with Meridian Link

Misys International Banking Systems (Misys-IBS) has claimed ‘unparalleled STP rates’ following the integration of SWIFT’s confirmation matching solution, Accord, with Misys-IBS’ financial messaging solution, Meridian Link. Meridian Link, a SWIFTReady GOLD accredited messaging solution, was developed to provide flexible message generation and sophisticated message management functions for both Misys and non-Misys applications. Meridian Link operates by extracting raw data from back-office applications and transforming that data into the required format for outgoing SWIFT messages. Meridian Link-generated messages are routed through a number of user-configurable processing queues before being delivered to the SWIFT messaging platform. One such queue is the ‘Awaiting Match’ node that holds generated payments until a successful match record is returned by Accord. Once this successful match status is achieved, the payment is automatically released to the SWIFT messaging platform.


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