Valicert SecureTransport Upgrade Boosts Web-Based Integration Capabilities

ValiCert, the US-based provider of secure software products for Internet-based transactions, has announces the release of SecureTransport 3.5 now available on IBM AIX 5.1. SecureTransport, a secure document and data delivery system, facilitates secure enterprise file transfer across Internet by enabling companies to enhance their web-based applications with secure data and document delivery. This release of SecureTransport provides a new browser-based ActiveX client for Microsoft Internet Explorer users, ‘increasing the efficiency and reliability of their file transfer while lowering customer support and software distribution costs’. The new release also includes a more customizable end-user interface, an improved authentication framework, expanding accessibility for the international user community, certification of SecureTransport for IBM AIX 5L version 5.1, and further broadening the SecureTransport client range with a new client for AS/400.


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