Deutsche Bank Launches Receivables Outsourcing Solution for Asia

Deutsche Bank has launched a new receivables matching solution for the Asian region, db-recon. The new product allows integrated outsourcing for receivables and provides automated reconciliation of invoices with payments received by customers. db-recon will enable customers to outsource the administrative task of reconciliation to Deutsche Bank. This automated solution will result in a soft copy of the reconciled and non-reconciled payments to be provided to clients daily. This service will also expand on Deutsche Bank’s end-to-end approach towards cash management solutions, geared to meet corporate customers’ needs to streamline payment workflow and processes. ‘db-recon follows on the heels of the successful launch of our other integrated payment outsourcing solutions in Asia, offering seamless integration to our customers’ accounting systems through the hostto- host customer access platform, db-worldPAS. Deutsche Bank’s continued focus on our clients’ expectations has allowed us to develop products tailored to address the unique challenges of the Asia Pacific marketplace,’ said Jimmy Yap, Asia Pacific Head of Deutsche Bank’s Global Cash Management for Corporates.


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