New Derivative Hedging Management Service Targets Mid-Tier Market

Reval, a US-based provider of risk management and regulatory compliance services, has launched Reval ExpressTM, a new derivative hedging management service created for corporate treasuries with limited hedging activity. Reval Express provides market data, derivative pricing, back-office reporting, and a comprehensive tool to help comply fully with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) derivative accounting standards (FAS 133). Reval’s broader derivative hedging and risk management services are being used by a number of Fortune 1000 companies such as Countrywide Home Loans and Waste Management to manage large, sophisticated portfolios and can be deployed via the Internet or as an integrated in-house solution at the client site. Reval Express is aimed at filling the need of treasuries with less sophisticated hedging portfolios, but with the same new complex management and reporting challenges under FAS 133. Since going live with Reval Express in January, Reval has signed four new clients.


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