German Bank Signs Up For Misys Risk Management System

DGZ-DekaBank of Germany has selected Risk Vision, the enterprise-wide Risk Management solution from Misys International Banking Systems. The bank, whose business focuses predominantly on the provision of wholesale banking and fund management services, maintains international branches in Luxembourg, Zurich and Dublin. Risk Vision, which is planned to be operational during the first quarter of 2003, will initially be installed at DGZ-DekaBank’s headquarters in Frankfurt. DGZ-DekaBank was created following the merger between Deutsche Girozentrale-Deutsche Kommunalbank and DekaBank GmbH in 1999 when the bank adopted its current name. It is owned by several public sector banks (Landesbanken and Sparkassen) across Germany and functions as the central provider for the organisation. DGZ-DekaBank will use Risk Vision to support its credit risk limit and exposure management function. Risk Vision is a fully integrated, modular solution for market, credit and liquidity risk measurements, in addition to local and global management of limits and exposures across product lines.


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