IT/2 Version 4.2 Launched

The new version of SimCorp’s IT/2 system includes enhanced deal types such as, commodities trading, guarantees, letters of credit and the introduction of a limit workbench. IT/2, which has been continuously developed since its launch in 1991, will today comprise a fully integrated commodities trading module. Corporations can utilize the software’s straight-through processing functionality to handle any commonly traded commodities such as cocoa, sugar, orange juice, oil or metals, in any currency. Version 4.2 also incorporates a new Limits Workbench, enabling more effective monitoring and maintenance of counter-party limits and the flexibility of designing the appearance of the user interface. Other enhancements include the Internet integration capability for online trading with Web-based F/X trading portals like Currenex, FXall and Atriax can now be combined with the treasury systems straight-through processing facility. For example, treasurers may access prices and deal information to immediately execute and import the deal into their system for automatic processing.


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