Captiva Announces Invoice Capture Software

Captiva Software Corporation has introduced a new invoice processing solution designed to increase accounts payable staff productivity and improve efficiencies in capturing data from invoices. InvoicePack leverages advances in optical character recognition (OCR) and neural network technologies to locate and extract critical data from invoices with minimal human intervention. The data is then transferred to ERP and accounting systems while images of the invoices can be exported to document imaging systems. This process significantly reduces the need to manually key data from invoices. After an invoice is scanned or received as a fax, InvoicePack automatically deskews and ‘cleans’ the image in order to minimize unnecessary ‘noise’ that might interfere with subsequent processes. Next, InvoicePack automatically attempts to identify the invoice type by referring to a database of previously encountered and known invoices. Assuming the invoice is confidently identified, an associated template is applied to optimize OCR results.


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