ValiCert E-Pay Secure Solution Streamlines Payment Processes and Reduces Costs

This new solution features a suite of products and services designed specifically for banks, payment networks and payment processors to allow them to develop secure payment solutions for trusted business-to-business (B2B) and consumer e-Payments. ValiCert e-Pay Secure addresses complex industry requirements, and is expected to streamline payment processes, improve productivity and reduce costs associated with manual payment methods. ‘The financial industry recognises that to remain competitive and control costs – and, at the same time, be mindful of their future growth and success – they need to maximise their use of trusted e-Payments technology,’ said Yosi Amram, president and CEO of ValiCert. ‘With e-Pay Secure banks and financial institutions can move more processes to the public Internet – such as traditional paper-based systems, electronic data interchange-based systems and private Internet Protocol-based networks. The result will be the ability to more easily exchange payments directly with consumers and with business partners.’


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