Atriax Introduces Additional Dealing Functionality

Atriax has introduced the following additional functionality to its foreign exchange dealing system: Spreadsheet deal import: the spreadsheet deal import functionality enables users to prepare single deals or batches of deals offline and import these to the dealing system in a single operation for execution. Buy/Sell dealing screens: The Buy/Sell dealing screens enable users to deal instantly on either side of a requested two-way price. Instead of inputting or uploading details of a deal, users simply request a pure two-way price in the required amount. The price-makers will see nothing that distinguishes a Buy/Sell request from a normal request for quote. Integrated Audible Alert: Atriax has provided an audible signal to alert price-makers to the receipt of a request for quote. Intra-company dealing facilities: By utilising both price-maker and price-taker functionalities, an Atriax corporate member can provide FXpricing to its subsidiaries worldwide and then lay off the risk to its banks as and when it chooses. The system enables the member to set the prices on which its subsidiaries deal. Subsidiaries obtain these prices by submitting requests for quote to the central treasury in exactly the same way that the central treasury submits requests to its banks.


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