GAIN Capital Releases New Version of Internet-Based Foreign Exchange Trading Platform

Version 4.0 new features include: Enhanced Order Capabilities: GAIN clients can now place orders at any rate, whether inside or outside the current bid/offer spread – and pay no commissions or fees. This provides clients maximum flexibility when trading on GAIN’s platform. Moreover, a new automatic stop loss feature minimizes client’s risk exposure to an adverse market move. Improved User Interface: A redesigned user interface offers clients a choice of color palettes and increased ergonomics. With Version 4.0, clients can more easily track market movements via large format bid/offer prices, reducing the chance of trader error during deal execution. System Optimization: Overall system performance was improved to support increased trade volume and faster load times for all users. The current version of the software can process over 12,000 trades an hour, and loads up to 50% faster than previous versions for clients with Internet connections of 56k or less.


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