Pronet Launches Graphics with Integrated Text Intelligence

Pronet believes that Graphiti is the first service to combine an advanced java-based data visualization technique with text commentary from a team of analysis specialists, offering graphical display of real-time streaming market data coupled with integrated text-based intelligence. Graphiti is based on a visual presentation of the market, which means that it crosses language barriers easily, assisted by text for Italian, Spanish, Chinese and shortly German and Japanese speakers, as well as English. Interactive user support is available in 14 languages. Through Graphiti, Pronet also becomes a provider of investment advice. A major new market to be targeted by Pronet will be users of the new breed of on-line transaction portals such as Atriax, Currenex and FXall for foreign exchange; and Patsystems and Easyscreen for derivatives. While banks have spent very substantial amounts in developing FX transaction platforms, the rate of uptake amongst their corporate treasury and institutional buy-side clients has been slow, with less than 10% of transactions going through the new channel when compared to traditional telephone transactions. This is in part due to the absence of effective trading intelligence tools – Graphiti can now provide – to substitute for the conversation with the sales desk


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