Reuters Develops Open API and Gears up to Connect to Multi-Bank Portals

Reuters launched its open trading application programme interface (API) for Reuters Treasury Solutions. The trading API is a new interface developed to open up system-to-system trading between Reuters Treasury Solutions and any other internal or external third-party system. The API is being used to integrate the Automated Dealing capability of Reuters Treasury Solutions with multi-bank portals Atriax, Currenex and FXall. The system will improve integration with customers’ existing technology and enable them to connect seamlessly with clients, internal departments and external systems that have a cross-border FX requirement. The trading API supports both single and streaming quotations between systems and helps to facilitate complete straight through processing from front to back office systems as well as to risk management and position keeping systems. Banks that use the trading API to connect to FX portals will accommodate the anticipated higher quotation demand of portal customers, whilst still maintaining fast quotation responses compared to banks that attempt to manually service portal customers.


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