Lucidity Trading Systems to Launch Global Solution for Trading

Lucid Base provides the platform for Lucidity’s applications. The application comprises three tiers; a Java client that runs on any PC or other workstations at the trader’s desk, a remotely located application server and a Windows 2000 and SQL Server 2000 database server. The centralisation of the servers enables Lucid Trader to provide traders and treasury managers with real-time global trade capture, position keeping and profitability analysis across a range of instruments including FX, MM and derivatives, regardless of their location. This allows for effective use of global limits and a clear understanding of capital usage and profitability. The structure and design of Lucid Base provides a platform for a global risk management application. Lucid Risk delivers this application in real time and consolidates the information according to the user’s specific requirements. The full functionality of Lucid Trader can be delivered over a GSM connection to hand-held devices, allowing treasury and risk managers to keep abreast of trading activity, positions and market rates at anytime and from any location. Lucid Mobile is fully interactive and customisable, and can be configured to input trades and orders and deliver additional information via the Lucid Base platform.


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