Atriax and Cognotec Announce Collaboration

Cognotec will be offering a new service linking the Cognotec AutoDeal LITE e-commerce platform to the Atriax portal. This interface, when it is launched, will allow the almost 90 banks who have committed to using the Cognotec platform with the option to provide electronic prices to their customers via Atriax. Atriax is an independent company, established to deliver a multi-bank trading platform and to provide an electronic marketplace for foreign exchange products and related services. The 64 Atriax member banks account for two thirds of the total FX volume dealt by the top 100 banks in the Euromoney 2000 survey. Cognotec currently has a significant number of AutoDeal LITE clients who are also Atriax members. AutoDeal LITE users will soon have the option to interface seamlessly to Atriax at a very low overall cost. This is because the AutoDeal LITE service and the interface modules are maintained remotely from the bank at the Cognotec service bureau.


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