S&P Announces Release of CreditPro® 4.5

Standard & Poor’s announced today the availability of CreditPro® 4.5. The product, an upgrade of CreditPro® 4.0, includes data through Dec. 31, 2000 and is designed for credit professionals who need to analyze credit risk on a portfolio basis, using the global rating service’s historical information about defaults and rating migration. CreditPro® is a PC-based software and data package, currently delivered on CD-ROM, that provides default and rating transition data by industry, by region and by time period, as well as recovery data by seniority ranking. CreditPro’s new release includes, for the first time, tables based onindividual quarterly static pools, average default rates based on user-selected time ranges, summary loss rate updates based on Portfolio Management Data’s (PMD) loss database, and data on sovereign Outlook performance. Along with the tables, the package provides rating histories for all defaulted companies, sovereign default and rating transition statistics, and recovery data both for individual issues and for industries. Standard & Poor’s is offering free CreditPro® demo discs to interested parties.


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