Deutsche Bank to Extend its Global Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Product

Deutsche Bank has selected iPlanet’s BillerXpert, B2B Edition software, as the foundation for its second-generation, global B2B electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) service, known as db-eBills. The new, significantly enhanced global platform will be launched in the US, Europe and Asia during the second half of this year and will be hosted by Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank’s existing product db-eBills, which facilitates secured fund transfers and settlement between business partners over the Internet, has been deployed in Asia since July 2000. The global platform will leverage db-eTrustCard, the first Identrus-based hardware security solution used in a live business environment. Corporate customers using the db-eBills system for billing will gain improved customer service and dispute resolution, reduced costs and a more efficient collections cycle. Payors will see a multi-currency, multi-lingual system whose workflow tools facilitate easy adaptation to existing business processes and payment methods appropriate to local business practices.


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