XRT and Cashware Partner to Provide Secure Online Financial Transactions

Through their new partnership XRT and Cashware will together provide a global solution for the problems that have accompanied the growth of e-market and e-banking transactions on the Internet. The new service, known as ‘Notary Exchange Trust’, enables private-sector companies to make use of existing treasury and secure financial flow modules over the public security and trust infrastructure built by Cashware. This system is interoperable with all leading certificate authorities (PKI) for local or cross-border exchanges. Notary Exchange Trust is part of the company’s Internet Collaborative Management strategy, which enables companies to organize their private infrastructure using new information technologies. Companies can implement these technologies for their own internal use, and primarily to manage secure transactions involving accounting, finance, and a range of monetary operations, including coverage and payment activities. In the private sector, XRT will develop user identification features that can be integrated in existing management applications to control employee authorization levels within the enterprise.


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