WISDOM Announces CFO Strategist Finance

WISDOM Technologies announced the release of CFO Strategist Finance V3.0. The product is an automated decision support tool that corporate treasury personnel can use to optimize short-term borrowing and investment decisions. On a daily basis, corporate treasurers must assess the financial situation of the company, analyze possible investment or debt scenarios and choose the best set of transactions to ensure the right amount of cash is on-hand. The challenge comes in being able to quickly analyze an extensive range of possibilities and recommend the best course of action to minimize borrowing cost or maximize investment return. ‘CFO Strategist Finance is built on Artificial Intelligence technology, so it’s able to analyze hundreds of scenarios in a matter of minutes and recommend the optimal solution,’ said Angela Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of WISDOM Technologies. New features in Version 3.0 include a completely redesigned process-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for improved ease-of-use, an expanded treasury policy function that allows the user to set maturity limits and model more complex credit agreements, and an enhanced optimization algorithm that enables the product to review investment and debt scenarios more quickly. In addition, Citibank recently announced the signing of a marketing agreement to partner with WISDOM.


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