SimCorp releases TMS2000 version 2.7

SimCorp has released version 2.7 of its investment management system, TMS2000, as part of its regular programme of upgrades. Highlights of the new release include improved performance monitoring, support for new instruments, enhancements to the market information environment, new analytics tools and variations to limits handling. Performance Explorer has been released to allow users to investigate performance (time waited return) against a benchmark using drill down functionality. In addition, risk adjusted performance has been introduced to include key figures, classic statistics and performance attribution. There have also been some enhancements to the handling of FX-options. Exotic FX-options have been introduced to support the handling of Knock In/Out, Binary, Optimal and Average options. As well as FX options being implemented in American form, it is now possible to book in both price and base currency, in order to handle, for instance, EUR/USD options initiated in Europe.


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