SimCorp Launches Enhanced Treasury Management System

SimCorp has released version 4.0 of IT/2, significantly enhancing its treasury management system with a number of new facilities. Enhanced features within the system include remote access, new user interfaces that greatly simplify information management, a nominal ledger module, additional debt and investment instruments, improved report writing facilities and additional database management and operating system platforms. An important new feature in the system is its support for remote access applications such as Citrix MetaFrame or NFuse. This allows access to IT/2 via intranets, extranets, local and wide area networks and public telephone networks. It supports the globalisation of a company’s treasury operation by enabling remote users to access the full functionality of the system either from their Windows desktop or through their web browser. A new Nominal Ledger module provides comprehensive support for treasury accounting, as well as an improved facility for exporting accounting information to external general ledger systems. It includes functions for defining complete charts of accounts, the logical set up of accounting rule definitions and postings and multi-currency accounting support. It also provides a facility for comprehensive review and analysis of ledger entries and has extensive reporting and reconciliation features.


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