Clarins Group Has Chosen XRT-CERG to Optimizing its Payment Centralization and Security System

Clarins is a leader in top-of-the-range beauty products in Europe, with 16 distribution subsidiaries in 150 countries, over 4000 employees and over 4 billion FRF in turnover. Clarins now benefits from a new system for centralizing and protecting financial flows. Internally, Clarins will enjoy a secure supplier and salary payment system, file backups, signature stations, and administrative savings on paper processing. Externally, Clarins’ banks and suppliers will enjoy minimized financial risks as a result of electronic communication, supplier payments tracking, secure payment methods, and the specialization of payment instruments. The implemented architecture is based on a secure centralized database. At any time, Clarins’ Financial Division can electronically and securely validate payments with a laptop computer.


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