Dr. Robert E. Fiedler Joins Algorithmics to Lead Liquidity Risk Solutions Team

Algorithmics Inc. announced that Dr Robert E. Fiedler, formerly Head of Methodology & Policy, Treasury & Liquidity Risk at Deutsche Bank AG, has joined the firm to lead a newly-formed team of liquidity risk experts, based in the Frankfurt Office. At Deutsche, Dr. Fiedler developed a scenario-based approach for measuring and managing funding liquidity risk, that captures the variability of funding requirements by scenario and over time. In addition to his tenure at Deutsche Bank AG, Dr. Fiedler’s experience includes senior management positions in various trading and asset/liability functions with Banque Nationale de Paris and NatWest Markets. Dr. Fiedler holds a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from the Technische Hochschule, Darmstadt, where he worked for several years in mathematical research.


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