Citibank and Wisdom Technologies Announce Partnership

This new partnership will join Artificial Intelligence application from Wisdom Technologies, CFO Strategist®, with the geographical presence and investment and funding options offered by Citibank. The Wisdom product calculates and assesses the costs/benefits of a large number of strategies and recommends a series of optimal investment or financing decisions that minimize costs and maximize returns over an entire planning horizon. At that point, CFO Strategist’s powerful simulation module allows the treasury personnel to quickly review the cost and return of the recommended decision and run various ‘what-if’ analyses. Wisdom’s products augment currently available treasury software by using workstation or bank data as a basis to recommend an optimized solution –a series of optimal transactions to balance the treasury in a matter of minutes. CFO Strategist can be put to work to help with both long-term strategic and short-term tactical decision-making and can be used to determine the best set of transactions for fixed-income investments, debt, and cash management.


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