New Way to Optimize Euro and U.S. Dollar Liquidity

ABN AMRO Bank has introduced SmartSettleSM, an addition to its euroSmartSM suite of clearing services which allows customers* to optimize their euro and U.S. dollar liquidity through same-day currency conversions. SmartSettle provides flexibility for euro and U.S. dollar payments and receipts by combining three separate trades – spot F/X, 2-day placement and 2-day borrowing – to cover a short position or to concentrate balances in a single currency. Companies utilizing the SmartSettle capability can: – Cover short euro positions with long U.S. dollar positions – Cover short dollar positions with long euro positions – Convert excess balances from one currency into the other to optimize available liquidity – Avoid overdraft charges SmartSettle is valid for exchanges in excess of EUR/USD 5,000,000, and trades must be initiated between 8 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. EST. To facilitate a timely exchange, customers must maintain both a euro and a U.S. dollar account with ABN AMRO Bank, New York.


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