Hong Kong – World Leader in Providing Secured E-commerce Infrastructure and Applications?

Hongkong Post (the Postal Authority for Hong Kong) will implement a broad reaching public key infrastructure (PKI) to allow millions of citizens and all of the companies in the region to obtain digital certificates for use in secured applications for banking, securities, telecommunications, and health. Entegrity Solutions, CyberTrust, and Hewlett-Packard will team up to design, develop and implement the public CA application and services infrastructure with Hongkong Post. Entegrity Solutions will provide the secured application platform (Entegrity SDP), and Entegrity-Enabled™ secured application solutions for the Hongkong Post, and these will be integrated with CyberTrust’s certificate management services. Entegrity AssureMail and Entegrity AssureWeb will be among the first secured applications to be deployed. The Entegrity SDP will be used to secure custom and market specific applications developed for businesses and organizations in Hong Kong.


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