CastleNet Goes Online with TheBEAST.COM

New Internet-Based Financial Exchange For Derivatives, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange Traders Goes Online April 5th. TheBEAST.COM is a powerful tool for intra-day market making, pricing, hedging and for identifying short-lived relative value opportunities as they occur in the market place. Powered by an extensive array of simple and complex calculators for bonds, foreign exchange, swaps, asset swaps, FRAs, caps, swaptions, and their exotic variants, It harnesses the power of CastleNet’s server farm and its innovative software to become the first real-time interactive Internet content and analytics provider. TheBEAST.COM’s server farm connects to either an easy to use Java or a Win32 thin-client over the Internet via fast T-3 and T-1 Internet pipes, thereby allowing you to independently value multi-currency derivatives and fixed income instruments in real-time as the markets move.


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