Selkirk’s Treasury ManagerTM Extends Risk Management Tools

Corporate treasuries will now have the ability to perform and manage risk analytics with greater ease and better control including value at risk, sensitivity analysis, what-if valuations, and support for a broader range of derivative products. ‘Corporations need an integrated risk management approach that is directly driven from operational activities,’ states Lyndon Harvey, Chief Operating Officer who oversees Selkirk’s Research and Development. ‘Everything from portfolio management to forecasting to cash management needs to come together in one place for risk management to be effective. Selkirk intends to do for corporate risk management what it has already accomplished for other areas of treasury – make it simple to use by focusing on those functions that are required by corporations.’ The rapid pace of demands placed on corporate treasury groups is accelerating. This is driven by the need to improve productivity, to enhance analysis and control over increasingly complex financial transactions, and to meet evolving financial disclosure requirements.


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