Citibank Enhances its Flagship Products, Ensuring Customers are Ready for the Launch of the Euro.

The introduction of a single European currency is presenting organisations around the world with opportunities and challenges. Under liquidity services, cross-border target balancing is now available, enabling corporate treasurers to consolidate various national currency units (NCU) and the euro into a single position, delivering interest optimisation. This concentration also simplifies the management of funds across the various countries. A second product is Citibank’s euro WorldLink – a unique solution providing a single window access to all payment systems across Europe. WorldLink provides the ability to draw both euro and NCU cheques throughout the euro zone, as well as wire transfers through single funding. Finally, Citibank’s integrated receivables offering, covering ‘three into one’ processes, has been packaged to deliver the most effective solution to manage customers’ accounts receivable business.


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