Ernst & Young to Carry Out Independent Testing For BASDA EMU Accreditation

Work is expected to start by the end of October on testing EMU compliance for multi-currency conversion and triangulation against the BASDA EMU Advanced Accreditation Checklist and the BASDA EMU Specification. ‘The first stage of the BASDA EMU Accreditation will cover multicurrency functionality, the quality of documentation and an assessment of the development organisation. It will not provide an opinion on the base currency conversion utility, country specific requirements or the overall reliability or continuity of the software,’ explained Nico Huizing, a Partner at Moret Ernst & Young in Utrecht The Netherlands, who will be handling the testing. ‘If there is sufficient demand, we hope to provide a second stage accreditation which includes the base currency conversion routines and national legislation if and when the necessary legislation has been passed by all the eleven states which will be joining EMU on 1st January 1999. At present, the software suppliers cannot complete work on those elements of the software because the regulations have not yet been finalised.’


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