Launch of New System for Pricing and Risk Management of Credit Derivatives

Universal Credit Derivatives Add-In, will be officially launched on 1st September 1998. Dr Mamdouh Barakat, Managing Director, says ‘Credit derivatives are a rapidly expanding sector. Transferring credit risk enables a more efficient match between credit exposure and the resources devoted to credit risk management. One example of a credit derivative is a Credit Default Swap in which the ‘protection seller’ gains a periodic income stream by guaranteeing that a third party will not default (or be downgraded). The market for off-the-shelf inexpensive analytical products to price these instruments is still in its infancy. We have priced the add-in at a mass market price, bringing it within reach of all market participants. As the system is enhanced in future by the addition of new credit derivatives, the product will be at the centre of MBRM’s on-going research in the credit derivatives sector.’


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