Texaco and XRT Partner to Create Treasury Solution

The two companies will co-develop an enhanced version of the XRT® Treasury Workstation to be implemented January 1, 1999. Texaco joins XRT’s roster of prestigious clients, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. Texaco’s decision to replace its existing in-house integrated cash management system was prompted by the cost to make that system Year 2000-compliant. The joint Texaco/XRT solution will replace Texaco’s existing system’s capabilities in forecasting and cash management, including bank relations, bank polling, account reconciliation, electronic funds transfers, bank account administration and bank account analysis. Certain enhancements will be added to increase the solution’s functionality for Texaco. Later this year, XRT will provide Texaco a first-of-its-kind Intranet/Internet-access capability to allow Texaco personnel to remotely access the XRT Treasury Workstation.


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