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Bank Payment Obligation: A New Instrument in Supply Chain Finance

Frank-Oliver Wolf , Commerzbank | 4 April

International trade is increasingly conducted on an open account basis, yet this does not provide treasurers with any risk mitigation nor the opportunity for effective cash management. As these requirements grow in importance, the answer may therefore come in the form of a bank payment obligation (BPO), which both ensures the viability of settlement by open invoice, while at the same time allowing optimisation of working capital and provision of liquidity.

A New World Order and Supply Chain Finance: Unlocking the Potential

Shirish Garg, Standard Chartered Bank | 2 April

It is often said that the world changed forever after the 2008-09 global financial crisis. One thing that will never change, however, is the need for a reliable and continuous source of financing for trade. There are good reasons for this - trade represents a fundamental aspect of economic growth as it increases consumption, enables money flow across borders, builds trust among nations and ultimately creates jobs.

Crossing the Corridor: When Finance and Procurement Meet in the Middle

James Gellert, Rapid Ratings - Rose Kelly-Falls, Rapid Ratings | 1 April

It’s not uncommon in organisations for finance and procurement teams to have zero connection. In many companies a lack of communication between various departments is the norm; individuals and teams are often insular in focus and rarely mandated to work together to harness the benefits of cross-functional collaboration. In these cases, the result is typically an unclear view of the financial viability of current and prospective suppliers.

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