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Wallet Size: How Well Do You Know Your Bank?

Bruce Lynn, The Financial Executives Consulting Group | 22 April

When corporate treasurers consider their wallet size - the amount of corporate cash they park at their banks plus what they spend - it typically depends on the strength of their relationship. But how closely do most corporates monitor the process? Furthermore, do they get everything they need out of those relationships? Bruce Lynn, Managing Partner of the Financial Executives Consulting Group, recently spoke with gtnews on what corporate treasurers expect from their banks and why many of them are not getting it.

Creating a Balanced Corporate-to-Bank Relationship: The Added Value of Wallet Distribution and WAROC

Laurens Tijdhof, Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions - Pieter Sermeus, Zanders, Treasury & Finance Solutions | 17 April

The 2008-09 global financial crisis triggered a reactive response - in the form of the Basel III capital adequacy regime and other regulation - to reduce the negative impact of any potential future crisis with similar characteristics. Banks are currently dealing with decreasing profit margins on their supply to credit to corporate clients, which to date remains the core business for many of them.

Taking Bank Statement Reconciliation to the Next Level - is ISO20022 XML the Answer?

Mark Sutton, Citi - Ed Barrie CTP, Itron | 9 April

The adoption of ISO 20022 XML messaging in the payments and collections origination space has enabled the corporate community to enjoy the benefits of simplification through standardisation. For the multi-banked corporate, ISO 20022 XML provides the opportunity to establish a low-cost, low-maintenance cash management architecture that enables both financial and operational efficiencies. This article considers the challenges that currently exist in the bank statement reconciliation space and the experience of technology company Itron, which is one of the early adopters of the ISO 20022 XML statement message - known as camt.053.

How Banks Can More Intelligently Address Cyber Crime and Business Risk

Greg Mancusi-Ungaro, BrandProtect | 7 April

Someone once asked the prolific US bank robber Willie Sutton: “Why do you rob banks?” His reply, “Because that’s where the money is!” is as appropriate today as it was at the height of Sutton’s 1930s spree. Banks, credit unions and financial institutions have completely embraced the Internet and online commerce, and, in the process, completely reinvented their business models and customer relationships to better serve individuals, organisations and businesses. Unfortunately, because the Internet banking model has become so commonplace, today’s FIs - or, more appropriately, their customers - find that they are in the crosshairs of today’s sophisticated cyber bank robbers.

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